The Importance of good photography with a vehicle wrap

There is a saying that a meal is only as good as the ingredients that you use. This is true in cooking and it is also true in when it comes to designing a Vehicle wrap. The reality is the best advertising tool no matter how good needs to start with the right concept and the right concept is always shown off best with the right image. If you are looking to create a vehicle wrap for your clients the key to doing the job right is proper preparation. When it comes to good photographs and proper preparation they take on two different forms.

First, there is the image itself. If your client is using the vehicle wrap to advertise their product or business you want the images the vehicle wrap is based on to be the highest quality and to show your client’s company in the best possible light. I’ll include a picture of a truck we photographed for Dallas Auto Hail Repair. This is only natural after all that is the point of advertising that doesn’t show their product in the best possible light?

The second reason you need a top quality photograph is the vehicle itself. If you are getting ready to bid a job you want to makes sure that you have highly accurate photographs of the car you are going to be wrapping. You don’t want to rely on digital templets. Because digital templets can’t account for unique induvial situations with each vehicle. You want to have your client bring the vehicle into the shop and photograph the vehicle from all sides. You especially want to pay attention to body breaks, extreme curbs rivets, door handles and other protruding parts. The key is to do the prep work in advance to make the vehicle wrap easier to apply in the shop and have a better final result. Make sure you never photographs at an angle you want direct
shots. This will give the clearest image for when you build the vehicle wrap.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to creating and applying a vehicle wrap there are many different factors you need to consider chief among them is the simple fact that the more prep work you do and the better prepared you are before the day you apply the client’ car wrap the more likely the project will go smoothly, the quicker the project will be finished and the better the final results will be. This, in turn, means the more likely your client will become a replete customer and the more likely they will recommend your business to others. So when you are getting ready to do a vehicle wrap project make sure you have detailed photos of not only the product that you will be creating advertising for your clients but also you need to have detailed photographs of your client’s vehicle. You want to pay particular attention to any and all imperfections that might affect the design and application of the vehicle wrap. This will prevent mistakes that can be costly for you to repair. So when you are getting ready to begin a vehicle wrap project make sure you have a high-quality camera ready.

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Photography Modesto California


Lighting is the most important aspect of photography. Having the proper equipment can make or break a photo shoot. Who wants to get home from picking up your photos and realize that you should have contacted a professional photographer? Exactly. We utilize the best equipment that allows us to achieve optimal results. Depending on the theme of the photo shoot, we are often times able to use less equipment by heading outdoors for the natural lighting. Commercial roofing also can be a great last-minute studio!  Shooting photography outdoors in the morning has the best effect on our findings. When it’s too cold to be outside, we have a full studio with different themes for your needs. To achieve the best results indoors, we recommend using at least two umbrella stands and a LED flash. We advise that you have a photography Modesto California makeup artist available for your shoot as well.


Sometimes all that matters is where your photo shoot takes place. It could be that sentimental location on the beach for a proposal, or maybe that park that you used to visit with your grandparents, a location can create vast amounts of sentimental value for your photography in Littleton, Colorado. Taking into consideration lighting levels, you can choose whatever location works for you. We are able to come to you to make your photo shoot a success. Our fuel and maintenance charges are added into your package cost and non-refundable. We kindly as that you give us 2 weeks advance notice of a photo shoot request at a specific location. We do not offer refunds, but if you need to relocate your shoot location, we ask that you pick a location that is within the distance of your current reserved location. If you need to reschedule, we request that you give one week’s notice.


Planning that summer wedding? Your child’s graduation? That family reunion? That office photo update? Photography Modesto California? Whatever the occasion, we rise to the challenge and are happy to immortalize your memories. This is your special occasion, and we want it to feel that way, so we try our best to stay out of the way and only give subtle advice/suggestions during your shoot. You know exactly what you want, and we work with your timetable to develop a suitable package, allowing for the most hours on site. We have the stylists and makeup artists to bring your vision to life. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions about our capabilities. More often than not, we’ve got you totally covered!

File Transfer

We can make your files available in many different formats and many different transfer methods. The quickest and most reliable method of file transfer is via our website. We will provide a link that will be only available to you and we will leave that link available for 90 days. We can also ship via Priority mail a disc with your photo albums on them. We will make your photos available in JPEG format unless you request a separate format. The formats we can provide are as follows. Please note that we delete all photos after one year.


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Topic: Modesto Small Businesses

Small business is not only a staple of the American economy but also a staple of the economy. Small business propels the economy forward, often times working to trickle profits directly back into the local economy. The small business owners typically live in the local area, thus driving the economy. Let us take, for example, 2 carpet cleaning companies with a business location in Modesto California. One company we will talk about will be a major national corporation, where the people who own the company are in a different area or state. The other company we will discuss will be a true small local business located here in Modesto California.

First, off we have carpet cleaning company A. This company is in the local area, but it owned by a major corporation that it in another state. This type only partially helps the local economy due to a few different factors. One way it does help Modesto’s local economy is the company employs people in the local area to go out and do the work for when someone needs their carpets cleaned. They may even employ another local small business for their marketing needs, feeding the local economy. But, let us look at a major factor here. The company is based out of state, so that means, in this case, the largest percentage of profits are going to people who live out of state. What does this mean for Modesto California local economy? The largest surplus of funds is not going to be spent directly in the local community, helping to empower and grow Modesto’s local economy! The money is funneled out of Modesto, and our local economy does not reap the benefits as if it were a small local business.

Then, we have carpet cleaning company B, which is a true small business, owned by a joint venture partnership in the community. There are 4 managers who all own an equal share of this local company. Here is why the small local business is worth so much more to Modesto’s local economy. Most of those owners are going to live here in the local area. So when they go out and perform their services and make a lot of money, what are they going to do with that money? Well, they are going to go out on the town and spend it! Or they are going to invest in buying property, renovating property they own, or even buying and running another business. This money flows directly back into the local Modesto economy, providing a little “boost” to it.

Small business is such an essential part of any local economy. Without the small business model, all money would basically be funneled out of the local economy and redistributed to different areas. This will not benefit the local people of Modesto California and overall hurt the economy. We must create a strong local business presence, and continue to help fund and produce more small businesses in Modesto California.